Year: 1996
Platform: Windows 95/98
Publisher: Phantom Card
Developer: Atlantean Interactive
Genre: Girl fighting
Rating: *

Ah yes, the first and only all female fighting game from America, dubbed by many as "the worst video game ever." An evil goddess named Shinma has harnessed the ultimate power in the universe, but ten other warrior women want to challenge her for it. This is a blatant rip-off of both "Mortal Kombat" and "Street Fighter II", featuring an all female cast of live action combatants. Even the characters themselves look like "Mortal Kombat" rejects, and one of them could easily be Blanka's sister (complete with spinning and slashing moves). An amateur attempt in all respects: simplistic fighting mechanics, unattractive graphics, uninspired art direction, second rate acting talent, and a juvenile instruction manual full of spelling and grammar errors. (however, the hard rocking music score is pretty good) The layout of the CD is also a complete disaster, cluttered with placeholder art and all sorts of garbage. A true embarrassment for the entire software industry.

And yet, I have a certain amount of admiration for the spirit of the title. A total of four people made this game: a programmer, two artists, and a musician. As an artist, a musician, and a programmer, I can really respect that. Although simplistic and adolescent in its execution, their vision was true and they strove to challenge the system by introducing the unheard of female fighting genre to the American gaming community. Quite simply, this is a project I myself would have undertaken. Sadly, its complete lack of quality and professionalism invites nothing but scorn and contempt.