Panty Party

Year: 2019
Platform: Switch
Genre: Third Person Shooter
Review Date: 3/29/20
Rating: **

Only in Japan...

The premise of this wacky game is that an unpopular panty builds a brainwashing device to make humans love all panties equally. But not all panties think that forced love is a good idea, so Baka Panty seeks out the Warrior Of Love to champion their cause. Said warrior turns out to be an ordinary high school girl named Yurika, who magically transforms into a bold fighting panty. She goes along with Baka Panty's plan simply because she doesn't want to be stuck as a panty forever. Their quest leads them to the villain's lair via a magical washing machine portal, which happens to be on the Moon. It's also pointed out that the Moon's reduced gravity keeps girls' butts from sagging, which emboldens the panty task force.

Yes, it's totally ridiculous, but it's not an adult title and there's nothing lewd about it. (unless you consider talking panties that can fly to be lewd) The gameplay consists of taking your chosen panty into battle with other panties. Each different panty has its own arsenal of melee and ranged attacks, from katanas to machine guns to rocket launchers. By meeting certain mission objectives, other panties can be unlocked (e.g. striped panties, polka dot panties, bear panties, athletic panties, sailor panties, lace panties, magical panties, etc.). The final unloved boss panty is a ridiculous tentacled panty, which everyone naturally finds repulsive.

Apart from the novelty and silliness factor, the game is sadly not much fun to play. The controls are okay, but the camera sensitivity is overly high, which makes precision aiming a bit difficult. Thankfully, once you lock onto a target, it tracks fairly well. There's not much in terms of defense maneuvers, and it's easy to get overwhelmed by groups of panties that attack from all sides. All you can do is jump and sidestep until you are stunned, which provides a brief moment of invincibility while you try to retreat. The graphics are adequate, but not particularly interesting, and the human character designs lack polish. Story mode is fun for a couple hours due to the ridiculous narrative, while Arcade mode offers nothing but raw panty fighting. It probably goes without saying that this title is recommended for collectors of Japanese oddities only.