Fist (Japan)

Year: 1996
Platform: Saturn
Developer: Imagineer
Genre: Girl fighting
Rating: *

Marin Aoki, Ai Momoyama, and Maria Christel from "Pretty Fighter X" are present in this very loosely related sequel. "Fist" is an overly simplistic 3D fighter with uninspired graphics and gameplay that falls short in every department. As a fighting game, the controls are weak and the game mechanics are uninteresting. As a girl fighting game, it commits the worst sin by not having cute and colorful characters. The models used for the characters are blocky and unattractive, and the characters themselves have no charm or charisma. It also commits another girl fighting sin by adding two male combatants to the mix, which spoils what little feminine tone the game has. Additionally, there are no cinematics or other goodies that fans of the genre would enjoy. Not surprisingly, this brought the "Pretty Fighter" franchise to an end.