Untitled Goose Game

Year: 2019
Platform: PlayStation 4
Genre: Puzzle
Review Date: 11/3/20
Rating: **

As a goose, it's your number one priority to collect shiny gold bells and cause as much mayhem as possible. The amount of enjoyment you get out of this game is directly proportional to how much you enjoy being an asshole. The titular (or untitular) goose in the game is a jerk, and in order to make progress you have to terrorize the citizens of a small town by stealing things, breaking things, pranking people, and being a general nuisance. It's primarily a puzzle game with a stealth element. Tasks can be as simple as stealing a piece of fruit, or as complicated as untying a boy's shoes so that you can steal his glasses when he falls down or bends over, while tricking him into putting on a different pair of glasses. Like many puzzle games, the puzzles are often so abstract and convoluted that it's impossible to figure out what to do without a walkthrough. And when you finally obtain the coveted bell, you have to sneak all the way back to the beginning of the game with your prize without making a sound. That's probably the most annoying part of the game, and all of the shortcuts that you previously unlocked become unavailable. After the credits roll, you're presented with a new list of seemingly impossible tasks, but by that point I'd seen everything the game had to offer and was ready to leave.

While the premise of the game is amusing, the presentation is crude and the novelty wears off pretty quickly. The graphics are unsophisticated and uninteresting, and the controls are a bit sluggish. Waddling around and honking is fun for a while, but as the puzzles become increasingly difficult, the fun factor turns into frustration. The game is musically sparse and only features a handful of simple piano melodies that accompany the goose's mischief. Fortunately, the game is short and can be finished in 3-4 hours, but unless you enjoy being a jerk to people, there's little reason to revisit it.