Lara Croft GO

Year: 2016
Platform: PlayStation 4
Genre: Puzzle
Review Date: 1/1/17
Rating: ***

Originally released as a mobile game, "Lara Croft GO" is an isometric turn-based puzzle game featuring "Tomb Raider's" leading lady exploring danger filled ruins. The puzzles are quite clever and the gameplay is simple and intuitive. The graphics are attractive and colorful, and the music is pleasant (although not entirely memorable). Lara's character animation is superb and she comes with several classic outfits, including her original "Tomb Raider" (1996) costume, the bomber jacket and wet suit from "Tomb Raider 2" (1997), the Antarctic parka from "Tomb Raider 3" (1998), the cat suit from "Tomb Raider Chronicles" (2000), and her "Angel Of Darkness" (2003) outfit. Bonus outfits include a snazzy "Hitman" costume, a "Deus Ex" costume, and a "Just Cause" costume.

The PS4 version of the game is an excellent port, but since the game uses an isometric perspective, it's easy to make mistakes when you're trying to get Lara to move in a particular direction. However, that's the only real criticism I have about the game. The puzzles can get pretty tricky towards the end, and I did have to get hints on a couple of occasions. A bonus adventure called "The Cave Of Fire" is particularly nasty, and requires you to keep track of too many variables and moving parts. I found myself getting increasingly frustrated while playing that one. The other bonus adventure is called "The Mirror Of Spirits," which takes place in an altered reality version of Croft Manor. Lara's doppelganger shows up a puzzle piece in this psychedelic dreamscape, which is a nice reference to the classic series. I found that adventure to be extremely enjoyable. The game is only several hours long, but it's a journey that's worth taking.