BloodRayne: ReVamped

Year: 2021
Platform: PlayStation 4
Genre: Action
Review Date: 1/18/21
Rating: ***

After Ziggurat acquired the rights to "BloodRayne," they decided to remaster the existing games before starting on a new title. "ReVamped" is nearly identical to the original game, only with higher resolution graphics. That said, the graphics are still as crude as they were nineteen years ago, just a little sharper. The awkward gameplay and clunky controls remain the same, and while the game hasn't aged well, I will never grow tired of feeding on Nazi's while they flail around and scream in terror. Laura Bailey's performance still holds up and is quite enjoyable, and the classic cheat system is still in place. The only real difference I noticed is that the loading screens are stretched to fill the screen instead of maintaining their original aspect ratio, which looks awful. The game also crashed on me about ten times, which was infuriating. Thankfully, with God Mode enabled, replaying those segments was relatively painless. Overall, my impressions were the same as when I played the original, and its unapologetic portrayal of sex and violence is refreshingly nostalgic. Rayne is a fantastic and timeless character who deserves to be brought back for a new generation of gamers.