ANNO: Mutationem

Year: 2022
Platform: PlayStation 4
Genre: Adventure
Review Date: 8/7/22
Rating: **

Ann Flores lives in a cyberpunk future inspired by "Blade Runner" and "Ghost In The Shell." She suffers from an illness called "entangleitis" which is somehow related to her superhuman combat abilities. Her brother is missing, her father is wrapped up in conspiracy theories, and her sister wants her to work as a bartender at her club. Clearly, something big is going down in the town, but I never made it far enough to figure out what it was.

In many ways, the game reminded me of "Cloudpunk" (2020). The pixel art is gorgeous, the game world is bright and colorful, and it also features flying cars, which is always a plus. Ann is a cute, spunky, and likable character, but everyone else is annoying. The writing is adolescent and cliché, and the limited voice acting is poor. The in-game text is littered with typos, which makes you wonder if anyone proofread the copy. Navigation and exploration are limited and there's very little to interact with. Combat is clunky, uninteresting, and unforgiving. After losing my first battle, I had zero interest in trying again. The forced bartending mini-game is baffling and irritating, and requires you to dress up in a French maid costume to mix drinks. I had zero interest in going through that again as well. Ultimately, I only ended up playing for a couple of hours before losing all interest in the game and putting it away.