The X-Files

Year: 1999
Platform: PlayStation
Publisher: Fox Interactive
Developer: HyperBole Studios
Genre: Interactive movie
Compatibility: Won't play on PlayStation2
Rating: ***

The PlayStation game that never should have been. Having worked on this game, I have very biased opinions about it. This is a four disc FMV title featuring characters from the TV series. You guide Agent Craig Willmore through an FBI investigation to find agents Mulder and Scully who have disappeared under strange circumstances. Having been ported from the PC game, the controls and interface are not as slick and intuitive as they could be but they're manageable (this was actually one of the most difficult aspects of the port). The biggest problem with the game, and with most FMV titles in general, is the game design. It's an interactive movie, and PlayStation gamers don't want to play interactive movies. Additionally, being an interactive movie, it doesn't take advantage of any of the features that the PlayStation excels at. It does, however, feature some of the best looking video available on the PlayStation and some of the best acting and production value of any FMV game in the market.