Ghost In The Shell

Year: 1997
Platform: PlayStation
Developer: THQ
Genre: 3D shooter
Rating: **

A first person 3D shooter based on the world of Masamune Shirow's "Ghost In The Shell" (the manga, not the movie). You have to pilot a fujikoma combat vehicle through a series of infiltration missions, aided by Batou and Major Kusanagi herself. It's fun to shoot up stuff, but difficult to get where you want to go and I was fed up with the game after a few hours. (During the first mission, after obtaining all of the key codes, I never could find the entrance to the warehouse and I was tired of having the Major tell me to hurry up and get inside) The real reason to get this game is to see the awesome intro animation which uses Shirow's original character designs, whereas the animated film did not. It's absolutely breathtaking. It also cleverly uses the same English voice talent from the animated "Ghost In The Shell" movie, which lends some friendly familiarity to the material.