Evil Zone

Year: 1999
Alternate Title: Eratzvaju (Japan)
Platform: PlayStation
Publisher: Titus
Genre: 3D fighting
Rating: ***

A very simple and straight forward 3D anime fighting game. The evil Ihadurca is about to break out of Evil Zone, so the greatest warriors in the universe have been called upon to battle each other for the honor of facing Ihadurca. All of the characters fit into easily recognizeable anime archetypes, and it's nice to see at least SOME fighting schoolgirls make it to the States. The game features story mode, arcade mode, and vs. mode, and the controls are very simple and easy to learn. This game uses exactly two buttons (attack and guard) and is a great game for anyone who is tired of trying to pull off those ridiculously hard combo moves that hardcore fighting games just love. Not overly ambitious, but the graphics are decent, the characters are interesting, and the game is fun to play.