Danger Girl

Year: 2000
Platform: PlayStation
Publisher: THQ
Developer: n-Space
Genre: 3D Action/adventure
Rating: **

A fairly decent adaptation of J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell's "Danger Girl" comic book. A 3D adventure game a la "Tomb Raider", this game has you guiding Danger Girls Abbey Chase, Sydney Savage, and JC through a series of espionage and infiltration missions. The controls are fair and the graphics are pretty decent (although I'm really getting spoiled by what the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 have to offer). The biggest problem I have with the game is that the cinematics are just awful. The models used for the girls are terribly unattractive, and the content and execution is crass and tasteless. The cinematics would have worked much better as traditional cel animated scenes, but who has the time and budget for that? The cinematics also fail to capture the fun and campy attitude of the book, and instead rely on in-your-face cheap thrill cheesecake tactics to get their point across. This complete lack of subtlety ultimately spoils the tone and charm of the game and its characters, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.