Asuka 120% Burning Fest. Excellent (Japan)

Year: 1997
Platform: PlayStation
Publisher: Family Soft
Developer: Fill In Cafe
Genre: Girl fighting
Rating: **

This is a 2D anime styled fighting game where a group of twelve high school girls compete for a martial arts trophy in the "Mega Fight Tournament." Each girl has a unique fighting technique based on what school club they belong to, giving rise to all sorts of interesting and absurd combat. The game primarily revolves around Asuka Honda, who represents the Chemistry Club, and her specialty is attacking with incendiary bombs. The "120%" of the title refers to a "power level" feature of the game, where the player's potential builds up to 120% over the course of a fight. At 100% certain special attacks are enabled for a short period of time, and at 120% a super devastating special attack is enabled for a short time before the fighter goes back to 0%.

Amazingly, this is the exact same game as "Burning Fest. Special", only with different cut-scene graphics and an expanded story mode. Unfortunately, the story mode requires you to make several text-based decisions, so if you can't read Japanese, you're doomed.