Night Trap

Year: 1994
Platform: Sega CD/Genesis 32X
Publisher: Digital Pictures
Genre: Interactive movie
Rating: **

I actually had the ill-fated 32X version of this FMV game which featured Dana Plato as an undercover vampire busting babe. This is essentially a surveillance game where you control a number of hidden cameras in a certain house and when you see bad guys trying to sneak in, you activate the appropriate defense mechanisms. If too many bad guys sneak into the house, you lose the game. Unfortunately, the game is fundamentally flawed. The gameplay itself is dreadfully dull, and it's far more interesting to watch the B-movie antics of the scantily clad girls in the house who are throwing a slumber party. But if you waste your time watching them, the bad guys infiltrate the house and you lose. The reward for getting all the bad guys is that you don't get to see any of the action that's going on in the rest of the house. It's a lose-lose situation. Like most FMV games, this one would work better as just a bad movie.