Keio Flying Squadron

Year: 1993
Platform: Sega CD
Publisher: JVC
Genre: Shooter
Rating: ***

The original "strap on your bunny ears and save the world" game. This game wins the prize for "Best Marketed" game ever, as it was obviously aimed straight at me. The evil Dr. Pon has stolen a key to a secret treasure, and it's up to our cute heroine Rami to recover it or she'll get no supper! Decked out in a red Playboy bunny outfit, Rami and her pet fire breathing dragon take on wave after wave of Dr. Pon's Raccoon forces. This is a simple and unassuming side scrolling shooter, but what makes it stand out are the fun and colorful graphics, the absurd villains, and the enthusiastic vocal performance of Samantha Paris. This game is all about fun, and it's got plenty to spare.