Ecco The Dolphin

Year: 1993
Platform: Sega CD
Genre: Adventure/puzzle solving
Rating: ****

Ecco (the dolphin) must swim his way through a series of underwater adventures in order to rescue his pod, which has been whisked away by an evil alien force known as the Vortex. During his travels, Ecco meets friends that help him with his journey, and receives guidance and special powers from mystical relics. The game is absolutely gorgeous, and the gameplay is slick and intuitive. The level design is very well thought out, although some of the puzzles and underwater mazes are downright dastardly. I still managed to get through nearly the entire game on my own, though, which is pretty impressive. Another thing worth mentioning is the spectacular soundtrack by Spencer Nilson. Its haunting and ethereal melodies perfectly complement the magical underwater world of Ecco. Highly recommended and utterly delightful.