Shadow Of The Beast

Year: 1989
Platform: Amiga
Publisher: Psygnosis
Developer: Reflections
Genre: Action/adventure
Rating: ***

You have been turned into a beast to serve the dark forces, and must fight through endless hordes of monsters in order to regain your humanity. A graphically astounding game that probably sold more Amigas than any other software product (well, except for maybe "Lightwave 3D"). With huge sprites, a 128 color palette, a haunting music score, and twelve levels of parallax scrolling, nothing came even remotely close on any home gaming system. (at the time, PCs were still struggling with sixteen colors and Macintosh was still black and white) It even featured Roger Dean box art and came with a "Shadow Of The Beast" t-shirt! (remember when games used to use real box art?) Unfortunately, the game is so hard that it's nearly impossible to play. Other than the obscene difficulty, it's a stunning game in every regard.