Year: 1991
Platform: Amiga - followed by PC, Macintosh, PlayStation, Genesis, Super Nintendo, Color GameBoy, and just about every other platform available
Publisher: Psygnosis
Developer: DMA Design
Genre: Puzzle
Rating: ****

After "Blood Money", DMA Design gained fame and fortune with this uniquely sick and twisted puzzle game. You are responsible for leading a group of green-haired lemmings (that resemble Fraggles) from point A to point B, and avoiding all of the hazards in between. Great graphics, inventive gameplay, and excellent level design make this a highly addictive and very frustrating game to play. I lost track of how many nights I lost sleep as a result of "okay, just ONE more level" mentality.

Unfortunately, the PC port of the game is rather poor, not being able to take advantage of the Amiga's greater color depth and considerably better sound. The gameplay is the same, but the colors are blah and it's a real disappointment to not hear the lemmings say "oh no!" when they explode (the sequel entitled "Oh No! More Lemmings" no doubt made no sense to PC users at all).

Oddly enough, the PlayStation version of the game is arguably the best of the bunch - especially if you're using the Sony mouse. The graphics are as good as the original Amiga version (if not better) and the music has a lot more depth. The PSX version also includes "Oh No! More Lemmings", has a snazzy 3D animated intro, and has the ability to save your game instead of using the irritating password approach of the Amiga and PC versions. The only real downside to the PSX version is of course the standard controller. Playing with the game pad is extremely difficult, and later stages in the game become impossible to play because of the mechanics and dexterity required.