Zapped! (1982)

Rating: ***
Cast: Scott Baio, Willie Aames, Heather Thomas

I admit, the only reason I saw this was to see my adolescent inspiration, Heather Thomas. She plays a rich, stuck-up, snotty, upper class, high school bitch cheerleader - in other words, the most popular girl in school. Willie Aames wants to get into her pants and eventually does through nefarious means at the end of the film. Meanwhile, Willie's best friend, Scott Baio, has acquired some telekinetic powers which he uses to pull pranks, get revenge on jocks, make himself more popular, and ultimately rip off all the girl's tops at the high school dance (including Ms. Thomas's well endowed body double). There's some cute and funny stuff going on, and Scott Baio is charming as ever (Willie Aames on the other hand needs to be shot). Heather Thomas is great to look at in a variety of high school get-ups, but her extremely limited peripheral role as a sex object leaves you less than satisfied.