Wild, Wild Planet (Italy 1965)

Rating: **
Review Date: 11/7/15
Cast: Tony Russell, Lisa Gastoni

A mad scientist and his army of beautiful women are kidnapping people on Earth and sending them to a secret research facility on the planet Delphus as part of a plan to create a perfect master race. On a tour of space station Gamma One, the scientist takes a liking to the beautiful and hot tempered Lt. Connie Gomez (sexy Lisa Gastoni) and whisks her away to become one of his specimens. Stubborn Commander Mike Halstead (Tony Russell) is none too pleased by this and starts his own investigation in an attempt to win Connie back. What he discovers on Delphus is a nightmare of scientific horrors, as he uses his judo skills to overpower the scientist and his mutant servants.

Yes, it's a terrible film, but I've seen far worse. The miniatures are delightfully tacky and the visual effects are downright embarrassing. The acting matches the low production values, and the English dubbing adds even more to the camp factor. Throw in some crazy 1960's mod sensibilities and you've got yourself a way-out, groovy space opera. The action scenes are amusing with all of their judo throws and grappling maneuvers, and are very reminiscent of classic "Star Trek" brawling. The characters are completely uninteresting, with the exception of Connie who has a bit more depth and personality. She's also incredibly beautiful, which the camera is keenly aware of. Somehow, despite all of its awfulness, I managed to remain engaged through the entire film, which is the only reason I'm giving it two stars.