Warriors Of Virtue (1997)

Rating: ***
Release Date: 5/2/97
Director: Ronnie Yu
Cast: Dennis Dun, Chao Li Chi, Angus MacFadyen

A spectacular looking HK/Hollywood fantasy film by Ronnie Yu ("The Bride With White Hair" (1993) ) that is unfortunately bogged down by juvenile humor and Hollywood film goofiness. A young boy with a physical disability is whisked away to a magical land where he must find the strength and courage to liberate the oppressed people from a crazed villain. He befriends a group of kung fu kangaroos in the process. The fight sequences are outstanding, but frustrating because they're filmed in that artsy blur-motion style that I hate so much. Lots of great HK film touches, and it's basically a HK movie with domestic actors (much like Tsui Hark's "Double Team" (1997) ).