Think Big (1988)

Rating: **
Cast: David Paul, Peter Paul, Ari Meyers, Claudia Christian, Richard Kiel, David Carradine, Richard Moll

You can't help but love those adorable lunkheads, the Barbarian Brothers (David and Peter Paul). This time around, they're a couple of idiot truck drivers who are taking a load of toxic waste to San Pedro. Complications arise and craziness ensues. They're in trouble with their boss (Richard Moll) for screwing up all the time. Their truck is in constant danger of getting reposessed by David "God I'm so drunk" Carradine. They pick up a cute and way too sexy young girl (Ari Meyers) who's being chased by a bunch of dangerous corporation thugs. Cute mindless fun, and the Paul Brothers even sing their own theme song.