TNT Jackson (1975)

Rating: **
Review Date: 7/20/02
Cast: Jeannie Bell, Stan Shaw

"You want it black? You got it black!" Former Playboy Playmate Jeannie Bell stars as a bad-ass karate (?) expert in this classic blaxploitation actioner. Cashing in on the kung fu craze in the 70's, this film takes place in Hong Kong and focuses on the thriving heroin business. Diane "TNT" Jackson (pretty Jeannie Bell) goes to Hong Kong seeking vengeance for the death of her brother. After stirring up enough trouble, she finally gets her man in a one-on-one martial arts showdown. The coup de grace is when she actually puts her fist through her opponent's body. Wow. But the highlight of the film is probably the nude fight scene that she has in a darkened room. It is utterly hilarious (not to mention racially appalling). Production wise, the film is pretty poor. The acting is bad and the martial arts sequences are laughably awful (although the Chinese stuntmen are pretty good). Jeannie Bell is gorgeous and sports an awesome afro. She's also convincingly tough and takes her action scenes very seriously, despite the fact that they're pretty tacky. Stan Shaw delivers a good physical performance, but his Bruce Lee bird calls get pretty annoying.