The Sword And The Sorcerer (1982)

Rating: **
Review Date: 2/15/15
Director: Albert Pyun
Cast: Lee Horsley, Richard Lynch, Simon MacCorkindale, Richard Moll

A disappointingly cheesy fantasy adventure, made worse by an overly campy and upbeat music score. An unstoppable barbarian warrior named Talon (Lee Horsley) agrees to help a beautiful princess overthrow the tyrannical King Cromwell (Richard Lynch), who incidentally murdered his parents as a child. He wields a ridiculous three-bladed sword that has the ability to shoot two of the blades as high-speed projectiles. Additionally, there's a nasty undead sorcerer (Richard Moll) who also has a score to settle with Cromwell, and the three of them eventually duke it out in a creepy cavern full of snakes.

Sadly, the light-hearted and goofy tone ruins any chance for the film to be entertaining. Apart from a few naked breasts, the execution is playfully tame and aimed at an undiscriminating teenage boy audience. While the sets and locations are nice to look at, the visual effects and fight scenes are weak and sub-par. The most interesting aspect is seeing all of the recognizable TV actors in the film, including the manimal himself, Simon MacCorkindale.