Superchick (1973)

Rating: *
Review Date: 6/24/14
Cast: Joyce Jillson

An unwatchable sex romp about a promiscuous airline stewardess named Tara B. True (Joyce Jillson) and her various lovers. The only thing "super" about her is her insatiable appetite for sex, and she gets it on with nearly everyone she meets. A self-proclaimed sex goddess, she actually has to dress herself down at work in order to deflect the constant attention of men, and states that "with measurements like mine, even the auto-pilot makes passes at me." Ironically, she's much more attractive as a timid and mousy stewardess than she is as a blonde bombshell in hotpants. Anyway, as she bounces from one man's arms to the next, she somehow gets tangled up in a mid-air robbery attempt and puts the bad guys down with a couple of unconvincing karate chops.

While the production is barely competent, it's the tone and attitude of the free-loving 1970's hippie sensibilities that make the film so difficult to watch. While it may be considered progressive to feature such a strong, intelligent, independent, and sexually charged woman as the star of the show, the prevailing attitudes are still extremely sexist and distasteful. The dialog is atrocious and the "action" scenes are laughably pathetic. The plot is complete nonsense, and simply an excuse for Superchick to sleep with as many men as possible. Hair continuity is a serious issue, as her color, length, and style hilariously change back and forth between shots. The film really has no redeeming qualities at all, unless you just want to see some au naturel 70's breasts.