Stryker (Philippines 1983)

Rating: **
Review Date: 7/5/15
Director: Cirio Santiago
Cast: Steve Sandor, Andrea Savio, William Ostrander, Ken Metcalfe, Mike Lane

After the nuclear war, the earth became a burned and barren land, where water is the most precious resource. However, there doesn't seem to be any shortage of fuel or ammunition, as bands of warriors roam the wasteland, fighting and killing each other for water. A beautiful woman named Delha (Andrea Savio) knows of a plentiful spring, which makes her a target for pretty much everyone. A lone soldier named Stryker (Steve Sandor) rescues her from certain death, and she takes him and his friends back to her tribe. There, they take up arms and make a final stand against the ruthless bandits that pursue them.

It's definitely low budget and suffers from low production values, but it's a lot of fun if you like post-apocalyptic warfare and vehicular mayhem. There's not much of a story to speak of, and apart from one awkward love scene the action is pretty much non-stop. The cars are cool, the girls are pretty, and the desolate locations are starkly beautiful. Enjoyable B-movie fluff, if you're a fan of the genre.