The Silencer (1992)

Rating: *
Cast: Lynette Walden

Ugh. This film represents everything that's bad about B-movies. The story was so awfully written that the three of us watching it couldn't figure out what the movie was even about. Something about a female assassin who gets her assignments via a totally cheesy arcade video game machine called "The Silencer." Laughably bad at its best, and the game seemed to only serve as a link between the mini-vignettes of the girl performing her various hits, with remarkably silly themed performances. And there are the requisite bad boys that she falls in love with, has gratuitous steamy sex with, and either kills or leaves. Then we've got some crazy jealous ex-lover, ex-partner, or just a weirdo stalker who's following her around wanting to get back together with her. And of course it also has the requisite bathing scene and "trying on slutty clothes at the mall" scene. To top it all off, the title song is some horrible Shirley Bassey rip-off of "Goldfinger" (1964). Poorly made with no clear sense of direction or continuity, containing embarrassingly bad visuals and lame performances. Its one saving grace is that the main actress (Lynette Walden) is cute and semi-competent, but that's not enough to justify watching the movie in the first place.