She Demons (1957)

Rating: *
Review Date: 10/9/11
Cast: Irish McCalla, Tod Griffin, Rudolph Anders

A strong hurricane leaves four people marooned on an uncharted island, including a bratty platinum blonde rich girl named Jerrie Turner (pretty Irish McCalla). She's a totally spoiled bitch and creates tension with everyone in the group. The hero, Fred Maklin (Tod Griffin), expresses his initial dislike for her early in the film, saying "If it wasn't for your demeanor, I might mistake you for a pretty girl." Ooh, tough words for a not so tough guy. Soon, the group discovers that the island is being used for bombing practice by the US Air Force, and shortly after that they find the body of a young woman with a horribly disfigured face and animalistic claws and fangs. They dub her a "she-demon." Things just continue to get weirder after this, as they stumble across a tribe of dancing girls in bikinis and a secret Nazi laboratory. It turns out that a sinister Nazi scientist escaped to the island after the war and has been experimenting with geothermal energy, utilizing the local volcanic activity. He's also extracting "beauty serum" from the bikini girls in an attempt to treat his horrifically disfigured wife. Naturally, the Americans are captured and the evil Dr. Osler (Rudolph Anders) takes an unhealthy interest in Jerrie's fiery beauty. But a lucky string of events allows the heroes to get away, and Jerrie professes her love for Fred on the top of an exploding volcanic crater. Competently made, but laughably awful in content and execution.