Savage Beach (1990)

Rating: *
Director: Andy Sidaris
Cast: Dona Spier, Hope Marie Carlton

This is what bad movies are all about. In this sequel to "Picasso Trigger" (1988), the girls (former Playboy Playmates Dona Spier and Hope Marie Carlton) uncover a plot to retrieve some lost World War II gold. As with every other film Andy Sidaris has ever made, this is a softcore get naked erotica romp parading around as an action film, and the results are terrible. The pointless and gratuitous sex and nudity is awkward and silly, and the action scenes are sterile and pathetic. The story is on par with TV action serials and the acting is about the same (imagine "Walker: Texas Ranger" with naked girls). The target audience for this trash is adolescent boys who want to see semi-attractive girls pretend to be smart and take their tops off. Just dreadful. Ms. Carlton is cute, but that's hardly justification for watching the film.