The Rowdy Girls (1999)

Rating: *
Review Date: 5/6/00
Cast: Shannon Tweed, Julie Strain, Deanna Brooks

Intolerable micro-budget drek from Troma Team. It also features Julie Strain, who I generally consider "the kiss of death" for any film. HOWEVER... Deanna Brooks is one of the nicest, sweetest, and most sincere models I've ever met, and when she told me she was starring in this film I figured I owed it to her to check it out and support her efforts. The film is a tongue-in-cheek tale about three women of the Old West and their ambitions. Shannon Tweed is a prostitute who pulls a bank heist and escapes town disguised as a nun. Julie Strain is a big time criminal who is hooked up with a bunch of small time thugs - she is one mean and nasty bitch. And then there's adorable Deanna Brooks, who decides to flee to San Francisco to get out of a pre-arranged marriage. Pretty soon, everything is a mess as everyone starts fighting over Ms. Tweed's stolen money. Everything comes to a head in a six-way shootout between the girls and their respective boy-toys. Julie and her lover are left dead while Shannon runs off with the town deputy and Deanna heads for San Francisco with the main bad guy. Horrible stuff, but Ms. Brooks is charming throughout and even gets to wave a gun around, much to my delight. Shannon Tweed brings her patented charm to the screen and somewhere along the line Julie Strain improved her acting a bit, but it's still an endurance test that will leave your head aching and your hand scrambling for the remote.