Return Of The Killer Tomatoes (1988)

Rating: ***
Director: John DeBello
Cast: Steve Lundquist, George Clooney, Karen Mistal, John Astin

A surprisingly fun and entertaining sequel to "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes" (1980) that features veterans from the first film and the new generation of kids who don't know anything about the great tomato threat of the past. But the evil Dr. Gangreen (John Astin) is busy at work with a new batch of deadly tomatoes which can take human form. One of these is the adorably cute Karen Mistal, and she escapes Gangreen after retrieving a botched experiment from the trash (Fuzzy Tomato, or F.T. for short). She hooks up with pizza boys Steve Lundquist and a really young George Clooney, and together they all stop Gangreen's devious plans - or at least until the next film. Silly camp fun, with a small dose of charm thrown in.