Razor Blade Smile (1999)

Rating: **
Review Date: 9/19/99
Produced and directed by: Jake West
Cast: Eileen Daly

I like the premise a lot - a vampire hitwoman. What potential! Like many contemporary vampire flicks, this one feels it's necessary to redefine vampire lore to suit its own needs. The film begins with vampire woman Lilith Silver (Eileen Daly) telling the audience that we "know fuck-all about vampires." We find out that vampires are immune to wooden stakes and can only be destroyed by decapitation. Their eyes are sensitive to sunlight, but sunlight doesn't hurt them as long as they wear sunglasses. They cast reflections, are immune to Christian symbols, they don't transform into bats or mist, and garlic merely spoils their appetite. But let's get onto the story, shall we? Lilith is a vampire hitwoman known as the "Angel Of Death." She gets contracted to kill a bunch of people who belong to a super secret society called the Illuminati, who are an offshoot of the Masons and manipulate world politics and economies from the shadows. A Scotland Yard detective is on the case, and soon has to come to grips with evidence that points to supernatural behavior. After Lilith's employer/lover is kidnapped and tortured, she packs up her guns and goes out to save him and clean up the whole sordid affair. But things aren't quite as they seem...

This film has it all. Over-the-top gothic vampire action, lurid sex, illicit drug use, lesbianism, gun fights, sword fights, decapitations, and fetish gear galore. Everything in the film is extreme, and Eileen Daly's harsh appearance and forceful presence are perfect for the role. We see her shoot some poor bastard in the balls, make love to a vampire wanna-be chick who happens to be menstruating (I never thought I'd see that...), suck off an unsuspecting photographer in more ways than one (don't EVER get a blow job from a vampire), and decapitate a couple of vampire chicks with her katana. Wow! It's definitely new wave filmmaking, with quick cuts, bizarre editing, and an appropriate classical/techno soundtrack. Not a bad bit of filmmaking, but unfortunately the execution is a little too "in your face" for my tastes, the action scenes are a little lacking, and vampire stuff really isn't my bag. I have to give it credit for pushing the boundaries and trying to be radically original, though.