Porn Star: The Legend Of Ron Jeremy (2001)

Rating: ***
Review Date: 3/17/07
Cast: Ron Jeremy

Few names in the porn industry are as infamous and recognizable as Ron "the hedgehog" Jeremy. Short, fat, and hairy, he's exactly the opposite of what you'd expect from a sex performer with over 2000 films to his credit, and it's his goofy Everyman charm that has led to his amazing celebrity status. Instead of being a steamy exposé on the porn industry, we learn that Ron is a normal guy just like everyone else, albeit with an enormous cock. Love him or hate him, he has dreams, fears, and insecurities, and comes across as a very humble and very lonely man. While porn made him a star, what he really wants to be is a legitimate actor. Sadly, his résumé and success are the biggest obstacles in the way of him doing the things he really wants to do. What's even more sad is that what he wants to do, he's not very good at, and his attempts and music and stand-up comedy are utterly painful. How sad and ironic it is when you're good at something you don't care about, and not so good at the things you really love. I can relate to this all too well. Given the nature of his profession, Ron can be a bit crass and unpleasant, but he's a saint compared to most of the other industry professionals that are presented in the film. His female co-stars either adore him for being such a sweetheart, or loathe him for his hygiene and appearance. Similarly, adult filmmakers love him for his reliability and ability to perform, but are put off by his demeanor and appearance. Ultimately, the story of Ron Jeremy is a sad and lonely one, and a sobering glimpse at the double-edged blade of fame and fortune.