Owned (2009)

Rating: **
Review Date: 6/10/12
Director: Jose Montesinos
Cast: Jose Montesinos, Dennis Ruel, Sari Sabella

Cisco (Jose Montesinos) is a free man after spending eight years in jail for manslaughter, and he's ready to begin a new life with a clean slate. Unfortunately, he still owes his previous employer $10,000, but he'll call it even for a favor. You see, there's this guy named Bender (Sara Sabella) who's been muscling in on Big Time's drug business, and Big Time wants him out of the way. Once a killer, always a killer, and Cisco has some heavy thinking to do. With no other options, he picks up a gun and does what has to be done.

Admittedly, the only reason I saw this was because I'm a fan of Dennis Ruel. Unfortunately, there's not much in terms of martial arts action in the film, as it tends to prefer thug violence. The acting is pretty good for a micro-budget indie film, and Montesinos shows a decent range of emotional depth and inner turmoil. While the pacing is pretty tedious, my biggest complaint is with the script and its gratuitous use of the word "fuck." It just becomes tiresome and annoying after a while, and deflates any sense of dramatic tension. It definitely looks and feels like a micro-budget film, but the sound is surprisingly well done. I'm looking forward to seeing Montesinos and Ruel team up again in "Unlucky Stars", which looks to be more action oriented.