Our Man Flint (1965)

Rating: **
Review Date: 8/27/06
Cast: James Coburn, Lee J. Cobb, Gila Golan, Edward Mulhare, Helen Funai

Hot on the heels of the James Bond phenomenon comes this silly spy spoof featuring James Coburn as Derek Flint, a super cool agent with all the right moves. The world is being held for ransom by a group of scientists who have learned how to control the weather. Their goal is world peace through domination and intimidation. Only one man can put an end to this crazy scheme, and that's Flint. Armed with his trusty 83-function lighter and his keen sense of knowledge about everything, he makes his way to the secret headquarters of the villainous Galaxy syndicate, seduces hot women, and blows things up.

Only the 1960's could produce something so silly and so outlandishly bizarre. It's not even particularly funny - just strange. But god bless 60's glamour! The women in the film are gorgeous, including the impossibly pretty Gila Golan and the seductively cute Helen Funai. Wow... They just don't make 'em like that anymore. While the production values are pretty high, most of the visual effects are cheap and tacky. The set design comes straight out of the early Bond films, and the colors are bold and vivid. The action scenes are pretty ridiculous, but at least Coburn has a martial arts background. The plot is ludicrous, the dialog is diabolical, and the acting is very cheezy. Only Lee J. Cobb and Edward Mulhare play it straight, and are repeatedly foiled by Coburn's brazen goofiness. If nothing else, it's certainly an interesting piece of cinematic and cultural history.