Night Of The Comet (1984)

Rating: **
Review Date: 2/19/00
Cast: Catherine Mary Stewart

Man, this movie is bad. Made at the height of 1980's cheeziness, this is a zombie survival flick about two valley girls trying to stay alive in a post apocalyptic Los Angeles. The comet that wiped the dinosaurs out sixty-five million years ago passes by Earth once again, this time decimating all humans in its path and turning some of them into flesh eating zombies. Miraculously, two sisters were shielded from the effects of the comet and try to make the best of their situation. Extremely tacky and absurd, but with a definite dark edge. The highlight of the film is seeing the two girls blow things up with their Mac-10's and complaining about their constant jamming problem. "See? I told you daddy should have gotten us Uzi's instead!"