Nice Girls Don't Explode (1987)

Rating: *

A super silly juvenile sex farce about a sexually frustrated young girl and her extremely overprotective mother. The young girl keeps trying to sneak away and lose her virginity, but her mother always shows up behind the scenes and causes some pyrotechnic disaster, causing the girl to wonder about her physiology. The mother explains to her frustrated daughter that "nice girls don't explode" and that if she ever has sex with a man, she will actually explode in a ball of flame. Horrified and grief-stricken, the young girl tries all sorts of desperate schemes, like bathing in ice water and carrying a fire extinguisher whenever she's on a date. Finally, she and her stupid boyfriend tempt fate and spoil her mother's plans, but the house that they do get it on in actually DOES explode due to a gas leak. Stupid, stupid, stupid.