Nemesis 2 (1995)

Rating: *
Review Date: 7/3/16
Director: Albert Pyun
Cast: Sue Price, Tina Cote, Karen Studer

I have no idea what Albert Pyun was thinking when he decided to make this film, unless he just has a fetish for female body builders. It's an ill-conceived attempt to extend the "Nemesis" (1993) universe and capitalize on the brand, but it's also completely unrelated. The opening credits shamelessly recycle footage from the first film, while setting up an absurd story about a super-human baby being sent back in time to protect it from the cyborg overlords in the future. Naturally, a cyborg bounty hunter also travels back in time to try and retrieve the child. The baby ends up in a desolate and war-torn East Africa in the 1980's, and is adopted by a primitive bush tribe. The child eventually grows up to become a muscle-bound warrior named Alex, played by body builder Sue Price. By this time, the cyborg bounty hunter has caught up to her and chases her around for the rest of the film. Along the way, Alex rescues a cute and devious Tina Cote from some desert bandits, and together they try to escape in Tina's ultralight.

The whole thing reeks of incompetence and bad choices, and is nearly unwatchable. The writing is bad, the lighting is poor, the visual effects are awful, and the bounty hunter is obscured by an annoying video filter for the majority of the film. It's as if the filmmakers were so embarrassed by the costume that they didn't want people to see it. The acting is on par with similar low budget fare, but thankfully the dialog is minimal. Sue Price is a bit hard on the eyes, and her bulky proportions are a constant distraction. However, if you like that sort of thing, this movie has you covered. Why there's a cyborg aspect involved at all is a bit of a mystery, and it certainly doesn't benefit the film any. You're better off avoiding this one and watching the original "Nemesis" instead.