Necromantic 2 (Germany 1991)

Rating: *

Ew gross. This is a German horror film with an "X" rating - not for sex, but for gore and nastiness. The film opens with the "climax" of the original "Necromantic", where the main character kills himself while jacking off, resulting in a disgusting, but humorous, spray of blood and semen. The somewhat cute and plucky heroine of this film has a thing for dead guys, digs up his body and brings it home with her. There, she takes all sorts of pictures with it, and attempts to fuck it, but it's just too gross and decayed for her to achieve any real results. So, she just saves the important parts, his head and his penis, and keeps them in her refrigerator. Yum. Next, she meets some guy during a porno film dubbing session who really likes her, but he has a hard time getting into her "play dead" games. Then she comes up with a plan. She finally agrees to sleep with the man, and right when he's good and hard she whacks off his head with a butcher knife and replaces it with the dead guy's head from the freezer (she also ties a rubber band around the guy's penis to make sure it doesn't deflate). Now she's really excited and continues riding the poor twitching, bleeding bastard until she has her ultimate orgasm. In the last shot, we learn that she's pregnant. Low grade smut with disgusting blood and gore thrown in. By far the most disturbing part of the film was watching a dead harbor seal get cut apart for apparently no reason at all. It was just a tape that the "girls who like dead things club" were sitting around watching. Definitely one to avoid.