Mallrats (1995)

Rating: **
Review Date: 2/22/04
Written And Directed By: Kevin Smith
Cast: Jeremy London, Jason Lee, Shannon Doherty, Claire Forlani, Renee Humphrey, Ben Affleck, Michael Rooker, Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Stan Lee

Teen fluff for the geek crowd, featuring Claire Forlani in a knockout jeans and crop top combo (which is also worn by Shannon Doherty a few minutes later). Unfortunately, after this delicious piece of eye candy, the movie stalls and has nowhere to go. T.S. (Jeremy London) and Brodie (Jason Lee) are pathetic losers who just got dumped by their respective girlfriends (Claire Forlani and Shannon Doherty). How these idiots managed to wind up with such hot girlfriends in the first place is just depressing and challenges the viewer's suspension of disbelief, but hey, that's Hollywood for you. To drown their sorrows, they decide to hang out at the local shopping mall, where silliness ensues and plans for vengeance are concocted.

It's easy to admire Kevin Smith's charm, wit, and talent, but it's not so easy to enjoy it. None of the characters in the film are likable, and geek and loser culture just isn't interesting or entertaining. (as a fellow geek and loser, I should know) Like many films of its genre, it alienates its target audience by making fun of them. In its defense, the film is well made and well acted, and maintains a steady pace. The girls are also nice to look at, although it's the guys who dominate the screen.