The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

Rating: **
Cast: Geena Davis, Samuel L. Jackson

Once again Hollywood takes a stab at the "girls with guns" genre and fails to hit the mark. Geena Davis is a government operative who has lost her memory and now lives comfortably and quietly in a small town with her husband and daughter. A car accident starts bringing back those memories and she comes to the attention of some of the people she used to work for, who are doing bad things and want her out of the picture. She hooks up with low-rent P.I. Samuel L. Jackson to find out who she really is, and together they scamper around trying to stay alive and finally take the initiative to take out the bad guys. Although she does a respectable job, I don't like Geena Davis, and the material she has to work with is pretty poor. Uninspired action sequences and irritating macho moments don't help, and the treatment of Davis's character is just annoying. Hollywood filmmakers seem compelled to soften tough chick roles with stupid feminine fluff and berating chauvinistic dialog. Even though she's a ruthless and highly effective trained killer, she's also a loving and caring mother and housewife, and gets treated as such by everyone else in the film. Sorry, I'm not buying that.