License To Kill (1989)

Rating: **
Director: John Glen
Cast: Timothy Dalton, Talisa Soto, Wayne Newton

This dreadfully disappointing James Bond entry nearly put an end to the franchise. Timothy Dalton's second Bond film has him seeking revenge for his long-time CIA buddy Felix Leiter by taking down a Columbian drug lord named Sanchez. The tone of the film is overly serious, but much of its execution is campy and silly which causes the film to never come together. Additionally, Dalton's portrayal of Agent 007 is extremely out of character, as he becomes a dark and brooding loose cannon, obsessed with killing Sanchez and anyone who gets in his way. Also, all of the characters are flat and uninteresting, and the film falls severely short in the babe department as well. Sure, Talisa Soto is pretty, but her talents are wasted. Not a very good film, but it does have some redeeming action sequences toward the end, and Wayne Newton as a villain is priceless.