Lady Terminator (1988)

Rating: *
Alternate Title: Nasty Hunter

No good. Once again, I was a sucker to a movie title and the video box art. This is a low budget exploitation film made somewhere in Indonesia with a primarily American cast. I can't remember the plot, but there's some woman running around who's causing a lot of death and destruction. She's either a cyborg, a voodoo zombie, or just a psycho bitch - I don't remember. Anyway, she's after a couple of Americans for some reason, and in a direct rip-off of the police station scene in "The Terminator", shoots up an entire shopping mall chasing after her prey (the guy even says "come with me if you want to live"). There's also a couple of other rip-off scenes and lines that I can't remember, but the big money shot is when she kills some dude while having sex with him. It's not clear what happened to him, but it involved an orgasmic spurting of blood from the guy's nether regions.