Krull (1983)

Rating: ***
Music: James Horner
Cast: Ken Marshall, Freddie Jones, Liam Neeson, Robbie Coltrane

An exciting and visually stunning sci-fi fantasy film about a prince (Ken Marshall) and a princess, and an alien beast from outer space who wants to destroy their planet. On their wedding night, the Beast kidnaps the princess and slaughters everyone in the palace except for the prince, who manages to escape. He sets out on a quest to save the planet and the princess, and assembles the standard entourage of mismatched characters to help him along the way. The journey isn't easy, but finally the power of love conquers all and the Beast is vanquished. Excellent set pieces and gorgeous effects work are complimented by James Horner's heroic score (which is nearly identical to "Star Trek II" (1982) ). Good stuff.