King Of The Zombies (1941)

Rating: **
Review Date: 10/23/11
Cast: Mantan Moreland, Marguerite Whitten

An oddball World War II zombie film, made memorable by character actor Mantan Moreland's non-stop kooky dialogue. Considered degrading and racially offensive by today's standards, his brand of low-brow jittery humor is the only thing that holds this farce together. Mac, Bill, and his valet Jeff (Mantan Moreland) are flying to The Bahamas (amusingly pronounced "bah-HAY-mahs") on government business when their plane goes off course and crashes on a mysterious island. There, they meet the creepy Dr. Sangre, who is a secret Nazi informant. But not a particularly smart one. He sends Jeff to sleep in the servants quarters, where he meets the beautiful and sassy Samantha (Marguerite Whitten) along with a horde of zombies. The film completely falls apart in the last ten minutes, as nothing makes any sense and the characters desperately try to explain everything away before a rudely abrupt ending. Competently made and just slightly entertaining. If nothing else, it's a wonderful slice of 1940's cinematic history.