Jekyll And Hyde: Together Again (1982)

Rating: ***
Cast: Mark Blankfield, cameo by Cassandra Peterson

Now this is a funny film. A contemporary retelling of the old "Jekyll And Hyde" classic, but this time Dr. Jekyll (Mark Blankfield) is a nerdy doctor who snorts some nasty white powder and becomes a drug-crazed, raving sex fiend, with hilarious results. His hair gets all funny, and he sprouts gold chains, rings, and even a gold tooth. Dr. Jekyll's fiancée is frustrated with his prudeness and Mr. Hyde is sexually obsessed with a singer/dancer named Ivy. His transformations become more frequent and decadent, culminating into a ridiculous musical number and a happy ending for all. A fun combination of funny material and slapstick humor, brought to life by an amazingly over-the-top performance by Blankfield. Also, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) has an unexpected cameo as a busty nurse that pops out of her smock. (!)