Invasion Of The Star Creatures (1962)

Rating: **
Review Date: 2/12/18
Cast: Bob Ball, Frankie Ray

A nuclear bomb test in the desert uncovers a cave and the army sends a small group of soldiers to investigate. Philbrick (Bob Ball) and Penn (Frankie Ray) are two of the idiots sent on this mission, and they're captured by alien space creatures who have been hiding in the cave and conducting research on the planet for the last ten years. The aliens consist of two beautiful women and a horde of plant-like monsters called vegemen. Where they come from, the men are lawyers, the women are scientists, and the vegemen are slaves who perform menial labor. Even in the face of death, Philbrick and Penn are turned on by the scantily clad space chicks, and decide to teach them about human love. And with that, the Earth is saved from annihilation.

It's a painfully unfunny film and difficult to watch, but it knows its bounds and never tries to be anything more than a cheap screwball comedy. The sexist and ethnic humor that was prevalent at the time is appalling by contemporary standards, which is a sobering reminder of our cultural past. I have a very low tolerance for stupid slapstick like this, but I'm sure that some people might find it funny. The visual effects are knowingly tacky, and the vegemen costumes are embarrassingly awful. On the plus side, the black and white photography is clean and crisp, and the space gals are a hoot. Just don't expect to take any of it seriously.