Hysterical (1983)

Rating: ***
Cast: Bill Hudson, Brett Hudson, Mark Hudson, Julie Newmar, Richard Kiel, Clint Walker, Gary Owens

Apparently, my sister and I (and surprisingly, the Fillbäch Brothers) are the only people in the world who enjoyed this ridiculous horror film parody from the Hudson Brothers. A vengeful spirit (Julie Newmar) that manifests a lighthouse in a sleepy Oregon town resurrects her dead lover (Richard Kiel) who died at sea a hundred years ago to slaughter the townspeople. The victims turn into zombies who have a ghastly palor, bushy eyebrows, wear turtleneck sweaters, and only utter the words "what difference does it make." A couple of goofball adventurers and a disillusioned writer show up in town and team up to vanquish the spirit and the zombies. Hilarious parodies, cornball dialog, and relentless sight gags make this film a non-stop giggle fest (or groan fest), and it even features a totally out of place undead musical dance number a la Michael Jackson's "Thriller" somewhere in the middle of the movie (which was oddly cut from the theatrical release). Great stupid fun in the vein of "Airplane!" (1980).