Howard The Duck (1986)

Rating: ***
Producer: George Lucas
Special Effects: Industrial Light & Magic
Cast: Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones, Tim Robbins

Alright, so I'm only one of about three people on this planet that actually liked this movie - a lot. On a faraway planet populated entirely by humanoid ducks, Howard (the duck) is mysteriously zapped all the way to Earth by a scientific experiment run by Jeffrey Jones. There he befriends a struggling young musician (adorable Lea Thompson in her finest role to date) and a nerdy museum intern (played with glee by Tim Robbins) who help him try to get back home. Unfortunately, continued experiments at Jeffrey Jones's lab have brought back something horrid, and Jones slowly transforms into a hideous stop-motion creature courtesy of Phil Tippett. But Howard saves the day and ends up liking it on Earth. A well made and great looking film, with fun characters, exciting action sequences, and awesome special effects.