Hot Potato (1975)

Rating: *
Review Date: 10/23/99
Cast: Jim Kelly

Awful beyond belief. A U.S. senator's daughter is kidnapped by a nasty guy in Thailand for political reasons. The U.S. government can't risk getting involved, so America's best team of undercover operatives is assigned to the case. This includes Jones (Jim Kelly), an annoying guy named Johnny Chicago, a fat disgusting slob named Rhino, and a local girl named Pam. This bunch of bumbling idiots are America's finest? Oh dear god... The movie box promises to deliver punches AND punch lines, which it does - just very, very poorly. Few things are worse than unfunny comedy. The fighting is also pretty shabby, and made worse by the absurd comedic tone. A real endurance test, even for Jim Kelly fans (although his afro is in top form).