Highlander: The Gathering (1992)

Rating: **
Review Date: 9/2/00
Cast: Adrian Paul, Christopher Lambert, Richard Moll

This television movie was the pilot for the "Highlander" TV series, and does a reasonable job setting itself up within the construct of the original "Highlander" (1986) film. Basically, the show takes place ten years before the events in "Highlander," which gives our newcomer, Duncan MacLeod (sexy Adrian Paul), plenty of opportunities to slay his fellow Immortals. The show does a good job with keeping the feel of the original film by weaving colorful historical flashbacks throughout the storyline that help define Duncan's character. Christopher Lambert lends credibility to the show by showing up as Connor MacLeod, and he warns Duncan about a particularly nasty Immortal who is after him played by Richard Moll. Through the course of the show, Duncan and Connor get into a nicely played swordfight which is definitely the highlight of the movie. Unfortunately, the final showdown with Richard Moll is a total embarrassment. Richard Moll is no fighter - his moves are slow and awkward, and the film is seriously undercranked to try and speed up the action. It only succeeds in making the audience wince. Other than that, this is a watchable outing.